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“Readers may be bearing early witness to the arrival of a major talent.”
--Kirkus Reviews

Jessica “Jessie” James isn’t like other girls her age.

Eleven years old, Jessie has a gift that sets her apart. She can read people’s minds simply by touching their skin with her bare hands. And dark visions come to her in her sleep. Now, she is plagued by the image of a five-year-old girl trapped behind a cinderblock wall in the basement of an abandoned school.

Inside the wall, the little girl is there, alive and yet not alive. A man comes. When Jessie touches him, she learns his secrets. He’s Victor Strake, a serial killer of children. Worse, he isn’t human. He’s a demon from an alternate reality, and he comes to our world to feed on human flesh. He is as old as human history, and the wall is the doorway between his world and ours. To pass through it, Strake must spill the blood of an innocent at its threshold.

Pursued by Strake, tormented by nightmare visions of the crimes the demon has committed, Jessie struggles to save her sanity and her life.

Book #2: THE DEMON

Victor Strake is not who he seems to be.

Big and strong, handsome and charming, he’s a man with a long past and many, many secrets. Victor Strake is a demon. Strake’s been coming to this world for centuries, to murder, to cause mayhem, and to feed on human flesh. Now, he’s going home. To open the doorway between worlds, he’ll have to wait until the night of no moon, and then spill the blood of an innocent at the threshold.

Darrence Michaels is a man with one arm. Ten years ago, Strake ripped the other one from his body while trying to kill him. Now, addicted to painkillers and wired on amphetamines, Darrence is the last of a dying breed, elite soldiers who fight to kill demons.

Darrence and Jessie James – the two have struck up an odd alliance. Darrence is the teacher and Jessie, the eleven-year-old psychic, is the student. Passing through a magic portal to a hellish alternate reality, Jessie must fight Strake, and Strake’s followers, to save a small child from being sacrificed. In the struggle, she may lose her life, and everyone she has ever loved.