The Drop Off

The Sexy, Fast-Paced Sequel to Smoked.
Smoke Dugan, one-time bomb-maker for the mob, is on the run.  It's not easy to keep a low profile when you've got your girlfriend (Lola), and her best friend (Pamela) and a retired assassin (Cruz) with you; and if you're carrying $2.5 million in cash, you can be sure the people the money belongs to won't let the trail go cold.

The tiny Caribbean island of St. Mark's seems a safe bet, but that's reckoning without the unexpected presence of ex-Navy Seal Stone, an old enemy of Cruz.  Stone has heard of the massive finder's fee placed on Cruz's head by Big Vito back in New York, so he's very motivated. 

Soon the rest of the mob is on the way and the scene is set for a game of cat and mouse amid the palm trees and on the high seas.  Who will end up swimming with the sharks?