The Takedown

It's Christmas Eve in Brooklyn and sexy real estate exec Dot Racine is dead.  Once upon a time, she was the first runner-up in the Miss Ohio pageant.  Now Dot's bullet-riddled body is in the trunk of Dick Miller's car.  Miller - an A-list handsome ex-con, and Dot's former lover and employee, has no idea how the body got there.  All he knows is he will do nearly anything to make it go away.  

Dot's other former lover, freelance cocaine trafficker and murderer Nestor Garcia, is on the run from the cartels.  He's interested in Dot's keys to the safe deposit boxes in the Bahamas with more than a million dollars tucked away inside.  Cool Breeze is a survivor and a warrior.  Sex and deception are her weapons of choice.  Breeze plans to let all of Dot's lovers and business partners kill each other off.  After they're dead, Breeze will walk away with the money.  But nothing will happen as planned.  

THE TAKEDOWN is a roller coaster ride of a novel that twists and turns to a stunning showdown readers won't soon forget.  For ebook publication, it is also known as THE FALLING MAN.