The Hit

When times were good, Jonah Maxwell was a New York ladies' man.  He liked to look sharp and drive fancy cars.  But times are bad – very bad. The economy has collapsed and the society is collapsing with it.  Now Jonah makes his living tracking down fugitives with big Gordon Lamb – ‘El Gordo,’ Spanish for 'The Fat One.'  

Their latest quarry is Davis Foerster, a science prodigy with a nasty habit of raping and strangling old ladies. Fresh out of prison, Foerster is heading south to link up with rogue ex-cop Tyler Gant. In a select and secret underworld, Gant has made a name for himself as a man who can make bad things happen. He's just been hired to carry out his biggest job yet – a bio-terror attack that may kill thousands.

Who will live and who will die is anyone’s guess as the bounty hunters crash Gant’s party, the maniac Foerster slips off the rails, and the countdown to atrocity begins.